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20/03/2008 15:03
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An nyeong haseyo chingu!

This is an english based fan site for the cute and adorable Korean actress Han Hyo Joo. By the help of Hancinema, KBS and Ms. Hyo Joo herself we are glad to make this site for her fans because others are saying that they can't understand her website because it is in Hangeul (Korean). So I hope everyone can contribute by making this fans site bigger and better! daedanhi kamsahamnida!

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"This fans site is just newly made so we haven't got a lot of contents about Han Hyo Joo but we promise to improve it in these coming days, thank you."


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New photos of Han Hyo Joo in wedding dress!

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posted by hanhyojoo.webnode.com   Artist Under: Bada, Park Sun woo, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Haena, Kim Kang woo, Kim Hyesung, Yoon Joon sang, Lee Gyung gyu, Boom, Lee Yoon Shik, Kim Goora, Park Jin Hee.


Last year, Korea was hit with the worst oil spill to this date. In December, a super tanker leaked 78,920 barrels of oil into South Korea’s western water after being hit by a wayward barge, jeopardizing the ecosystem and the livelihood of an area that includes popular beaches and fishing grounds.

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KBS Drama Awards 2007


Winners List

Daesang & Netizen Award
Choi Soo Jong (Dae Jo Young)

최우수 연기상 남자 Top Excellence - Male
Lee Duk Hwa (Dae Jo Young) 이덕화 (대조영)

최우수 연기상 여자 Top Excellence - Female
Kim Hyun Ju (Pretty Insun) 김현주 (인순이는 예쁘다)
Chae Rim (Dal Ja’s Spring) 채림 (달자의 봄)

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03/02/2008 12:44
Education: Dong Gook University (Dramatics and Films department) Talent: Piano ...



03/02/2008 12:43
Ad-Lib Night (2006) My Boss, My Teacher (2005) click here for Han Hyo Joo's biography and...


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What part of "Endless Love" did you liked the most?

"Endless Love 1: Autumn in my Heart"

"Endless Love 2: Winter Sonata"

"Endless Love 3: Summer Scent"

"Endless Love 4: Spring Waltz"

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