HAN Hyo-joo and Like a Virgin Win at Singapore Fest (Source)

05/02/2008 15:54

Upcoming actress Han Hyo-joo received the Best Actress award at the 20th Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) for her role in "Ad-Lib Night" (Ajoo Teukbyeolhan Sonnim). "Like A Virgin" (Cheonhajangsa Madonna) shares the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) award with "Crossing the Dust".

"Ad-Lib Night" tells the story of a girl who agrees to pretend to be the daughter of a dying man. The film is directed by the acclaimed Lee Yoon-ki. LEE's two previous films are "This Charming Girl" (Yeoja, Jeonghye) and "Love Talk". "This Charming Girl"'s Kim Ji-soo previously received the Best Actress award at SIFF in 2005.

In "Like A Virgin" a boy joins a wrestling team. His aim is to win a wrestling competition and to use the prize money for a transsexual operation. The film is the directorial debut of Lee Hae-yeong and Lee Hae-joon. Like "Ad-Lib Night" for the promising Han Hyo-joo, "Like A Virgin" has been a platform for the talented young actor Ryoo Deok-hwan.

The 2007 Singapore International Film Festival ran from April 18 until April 30. The festival selected over 300 films from 40 countries to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The festival's line-up also included the Korean films: Choi Ho's "Bloody Tie" (Sasaeng Gyeoldan) and Kim Young-nam's "Don't Look Back" (Nae Cheongchoonege Goham).




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