"Snow Queen" & "Spring Waltz" to Air in Japan

05/02/2008 16:02

The KBS drama series 'The Snow Queen' and 'Spring Waltz' will air on Japan's terrestrial TV.

The production agency Yoon's Color said Wednesday that Spring Waltz will begin airing April 7 on NHK, with a special introductory program scheduled a week earlier on March 31. Snow Queen will begin showing on satellite cable from April and on terrestrial TV in May.

A Spring Waltz special promo that will be recorded next Wednesday at an NHK studio will feature producer Yoon Seok-ho and the show's male and female leads, Seo Do-yeong and Han Hyo-joo.

Yoon's Color will also open a Korean drama promotion center at its office near the Hongik University area in Seoul, where parts of the drama were shot.

The agency said that, with government help, it will remodel the film venue into a center showcasing all of producer Yoon's four season-themed dramas including 'Summer Scent', 'Autumn in my Heart' and 'Winter Sonata'.




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